*Obituary notices are billed at $28.62 per inch.
A minimum fee of $93.02 will be charged for an obituary notice of up to 3-1/4" in length and a listing of funeral information on the day of the service.
Additional lines of content may be added to an obituary at $7.16 per 1/4" with no restrictions on size.
You may repeat the entire obituary at a 50% discount.

Image Options
To submit a photo with the obituary, attach to an e-mail in one of these file formats: JPEG (preferred format), TIF, GIF, EPS, or BMP. Please do not crop or reduce the size of the photo.
Emblems Emblems for religions and organizations can be included.
Funeral home logo Please submit a JPEG and allow one week for processing.

Font and Border Options
Bold or Italic font
$0.75 per word
Obituaries with a border are billed at $33.60 per inch.

Included FREE with all Obituaries:

Deaths Reported
This listing contains the deceased's last name, first name, middle initial, age, name of living spouse (if applicable), local address (if provided), city of residence, date of death, name and phone number of funeral home. Deaths Reported appear the same day as the obituary. The information appears free of charge. All Deaths Reported for the week will appear in the Sunday News.

Services Today
This listing contains the deceased's name, the location, address, and time of the service, and the name of the funeral home.

All obituaries appear on for 30 days from the first day published. Obituaries will also be available in our archives after publication.