Lancaster Newspapers' procedures are designed to make it easy to place an obituary. The open format allows the family to share any and all significant information (including details, philosophies, and/or observations of the deceased's life) written in socially acceptable wording.

A minimum fee of $88.56 will be charged for an obituary notice of up to 3-1/4" in length. Additional lines of content may be added to an obituary at $6.81 per 1/4" with no restrictions on size. You may repeat the entire obituary at a 50% discount.

First name, middle initial, last name. The titles Dr., Rev. and military rank may be added.

Opening Sentence
Should contain full name followed by age, town of residence, date of death and place of death.

Main Information
This could include: schools attended, military service, career information, organization affiliations (church, service groups, etc.), interests and hobbies, surviving relatives, special friends, etc.

Final Paragraph(s)
Information on services, visitation, and memorials and any funeral home contact information.